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Top PS4 Video Games to Watch Out for in 2018

Sony did a great job of bringing upgrades to the PlayStation lineup. Once the PS4 console was upgraded, the games needed to be updated as well. That’s why video games made for this console have also leveled up. This 2018, we are looking forward to more stunning graphics and features incorporated in the following games.

God of War

Top PS4 Video Games

Since the original PS2 and 3 games, a lot of improvements have been made for the PS4 version. It has become more RPG inspired with additional missions, upgraded skills and weapons and with the son of Kratos’ joining in on the God of War adventure. It has a Norwegian setting but the developer performed their magic in making it all work together.

Detroit: Become Human

Top PS4 Video Games

With a scheduled release date of 25 May 2018, this PS4 exclusive game will give you a different experience – it appears like it’s happening in real life. The Detroit: Become Human game is all about unusual co-inhabitant androids on earth, their disobedience and obedience to their human masters, and the unavoidable outcome that requires a balance in power. It was presented with a storyline basing on the player’s decisions and actions resulting on those choices. The fantastic visuals paired with an amazing adventure make this game an exciting addition to your PS4 game collection.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Top PS4 Video Games

Spidey’s scheduled to be launched into the PS4 gaming world on September 7, 2018. As one of the most popular and well-loved Avengers characters, Spiderman will be involved in several missions and battles in an open world setting. Want to get a glimpse of Spidey’s new suit? Well it was specifically created for the new universe he’s apart of in this game, so watch out for it!

Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Top PS4 Video Games

This game is based on the comic book and can be played by four players. It is set in Washington and that’s where the zombie outbreak started. You will be given a chance to select a character and the main goal of the game is to survive.

World War Z

Top PS4 Video Games

Published by Saber Interactive and Paramount Pictures, World War Z was developed based on the film. It is definitely going to be one of the most awaited zombie games this year, featuring co-op four player third person shooting. Watch out for those zombies!

Forgotton Anne

Top PS4 Video Games

This is about a place where you can’t just forget something. Even if it’s only a old toy, some clothes, socks, or even a person. It is set in a magical realm occupied by the Forgotlings. They are creatures made up of lost objects who wish to be remembered again. It is a unified game of adventure mixed with small puzzle elements. The player will be role playing Anne. She is the one who is tasked with maintaining peace in the Forgotten Lands. You’ll be joining her as she starts to prevent a revolution that could stop her and Bonku, her master, from returning to the world of humans.

Shadow of the Colossus

Top PS4 Video Games

Thanks to Bluepoint Games, this game has a very interesting storyline. The goal is to defeat the bosses who rule the Forbidden Land, in order to revive a cursed maiden. The player will have to go past some environmental puzzles and challenges. It looks a lot better than the original but you’re still expected to get the same feeling – mystery and fun!

Kingdom Hearts III

Top PS4 Video Games

Finally, this is what kids and kids at heart have been waiting to see on PS4 this year. It has been 12 years and there have been a lot of spin-off games. Here goes the 3rd instalment of the Kingdom Hearts series. Packed with more Disney adventure, you can expect to see new characters and settings based on Big Hero 6, Tangled, and Toy Story 3. What makes this game more special is the continuation of a story that binds together several decades of fairy tale and adventures. This will definitely be one of the grandest JRPGs offerings of this year.