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Three of the Best PC Game Deals – Get the Most Bang For Your Buck!

Most PC gamers are always on the search for the best game deals from around the web. Anyone who is lucky enough to have a gaming computer knows that one of the biggest advantages of playing video games on PC is the amazing game deals available when compared to consoles. These discounts can be huge, from 25% to 90% or higher! While most PC digital downloads are usually cheaper in general, the real trick is finding game deals involving special promotions or daily specials which can offer some of the largest discounts.

While almost all games go on a large discount sale at some point (I’m looking at you EA), there are a few games out there that will often go on sale for huge discounts! These are the games you should, at the very least, never pay full price for and always search for when you hear a sale is going on. Here are three of the best PC game deals available during sale season!


Metro 2033

In metro 2033 you take the role of Artyom a post apocalyptic Russian inhabitant of the vast underground Moscow metro system. In an exciting journey that takes us above, below, and through apocalyptic Moscow we encounter everything from a psudo Nazi – Communist conflict to mutated monsters trying to rip you limb from limb. This is, quite literally, one of the best looking video games to date graphically. But beware: It takes a beast of a system to really max this game out, but if you have a gaming rig capable, it’s well worth it.

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Hey man you ok?

Cheapest sale price: $2.99

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Enhanced EditionThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a third person RPG by CD Projekt RED. Players become Geralt of Rivea, a Witcher (or monster slayer). Geralt’s journey takes him through Temeria where he pursues a Kingslayer, Letho, who falsely framed Geralt for King Foltest’s murder. As Geralt sets out to find Letho and clear his name, he encounters many old friends and gets involved in many exciting quests. Oh, and not to forget the best part, slaying huge monsters! The Witcher 2 is like Metro 2033 in that it is an absolutely gorgeous game graphically and you must have a powerhouse PC to really let it shine to it’s full potential. The Witcher 2 is consistently one of the best game deals with such bang for the buck, it’s one you must pick up when on sale.


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“I am not an Elf!”

Cheapest sale price: $3.99 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Who hasn’t heard of Skyrim? The last installment is the Elder Scrolls series is easily one of the most popular RPG’s of all time, even something of a pop culture phenomenon. Allowing players to customize their character, skills, and combat style, Skyrim allows players to truly have an adventure tailored to their liking. With countless dungeons to explore, dragons to slay, and quest to complete this is a game that you’re truly able to get your moneys worth out of. Apart from the awesome sale price, what also sets Skyrim on PC apart from consoles is the awesome selection of mods available! For the uninitiated, mods allow users to add too, enhance, or otherwise modify the game for free! For those of you that don’t feel like editing files or changing code, fear not! With the Steam Workshop you can browse and install mods with one click. Since it’s been a while since the release of Skyrim the Legendary edition is now available, which bundles the base game with all DLC providing hundreds of hours of gameplay.

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Thirsty bro?

Cheapest Sale Price: $4.99 Vanilla  | 13.59 – Legendary Edition