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Basic Runescape Duel Arena Guide: F2P & P2P – Runescape 3

This guide will cover the very basics of the Runescape 3 Duel Arena to new players and those unfamiliar since the f2p update.

The Runescape Duel Arena is a combat based minigame located in the deserts of Al Kharid in which you may fight opponents for fun, glory, and loot! This minigame is now available in both free player and member worlds! There are several methods of reaching the Duel Arena which is  located north east of Al Kharid and south of the Fire Altar.

duel arena map

Free Players can get there by:

  •  Teleporting to Lumbridge (level 31 Magic required), crossing the Al Kharid border guards, and travelling north along the dirt path. The home teleport spell can also get you to Al Kharid, provided you have visited the lodestone in the Palace (Recommended).

Members have several more options to get there:

  • Operating a Ring of Dueling and selecting Duel Arena teleport option. (Recommended)
  • Using the Gnome Glider system and walking east from the Al Kharid glider.
  • Operating an Amulet of Glory, selecting the Al Kharid teleport option, and then walking north-east.
  • Breaking a Lumbridge teleport tablet, crossing the Al Kharid border guards, and travelling north along the dirt path.

duel arena

Fighting in the duel arena is an honorable minigame and a long standing Runescape tradition! Inside the duel arena, you can manipulate the environment in which you and your opponent duel, as well as enforce the rules and regulations of your own fight. Unfortunately, there is no experience earned from defeating an opponent in the duel arena.

To duel an opponent, simply right click on a player in the lobby of the duel arena and select ‘Challenge’. Then, choose the type of duel: Staked (where selected items or gold is put into a pot and collected by the winner of the duel) or Friendly (where no items are lost upon death or wagered). In the challenge interface, you and your opponent have the choice to adjust the settings for each battle in the duel arena.

Here are the settings you can alter:

  • No Ranged – Prohibits Ranged attacks.
  • No Melee – Prohibits Melee attacks.
  • No Magic – Prevents the use of magic attacks inside the duel arena.
  • Fun Weapons – Only allows ‘fun’ weapons to be used in the duel.
  • No Forfeit – Prevents forfeiting when selected.
  • No Drinks – Prohibits the use of potions when selected.
  • No Food – Prohibits the use of food when selected.
  • No Prayer – Prohibits the use of Prayer when selected.
  • No Movement – Prevents movement inside the duel arena when selected.
  • Obstacles – When selected, it causes you to fight in an arena with obstacles present.
  • Enable Summoning – When selected, this will enable the participants to summon combat familiars.
  • No Special Attacks – Prohibits the use of a weapon’s special attack when selected.
  • No Abilities – Disables the use of special abilities inside the duel arena.

duel settings

You have the option to create a favorite duel arena setup for your preferd rules. Upon selecting your ideal duel options, press save in the duel menu to allow yourself to apply your ideal options later in another duel by pressing the “Use favorite” button. You may also use the same options in your last match by clicking “Use previous” button, allowing for quick and fair rematches! Furthermore, it is possible to select which pieces equipment and armor are allowed in your duel. An equipment slot with a red line though the middle shows an item which will be unequipped upon entering dueling site.

duel arena

In friendly duels you will never lose your items aside from spent runes and ranged ammunition. After initiating a friendly duel, you will see the screen below and once both you and your opponent have clicked ‘Accept’ you will be presented with a confirmation screen. In staked duels, you will risk losing your stake. However your armor and inventory will not be lost. After initiating a staked duel, you will be presented with the screen below. To stake an item, right click on it in your inventory, and select ‘add’. There is no limit to how much you can stake. It is strongly advised to double-check your duel conditions to avoid the common scam of changing the options at the last moment!

duel arena stake

So you’re now one of the greatest duelists there is in Runescape and people are not willing to take your word for it? No problem! Talk to Estocada just at the gates of the Duel Arena to get a duelist cap for free. The duelist cap will keep count the amount of people you have killed or have killed you. When worn you can use the Brag or Transform emote (once you have killed at least 10 people in the Duel Arena). The Brag emote will make you take off your cap and do a little bow and the Transform emote will turn you into a statue and people can read your dueling achievements.

The more people you kill the higher the tier of cap you unlock.

Name                             TIER                       WINS
Duelist Cap                        1                             0-9
Duelist Cap                        2                            10-99
Duel Cap Tier                    3                            100-499
Duel Cap Tier                    4                            500-1999
Duel Cap Tier                    5                            2000-4999
Duel Cap Tier                    6                            5000+

Now we’ve covered all the basics, get out there and claim your title as the greatest duelist in all of Runescape!