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Rockstar Gives Reasons Why GTA V PC Release is Delayed


It looks like Rockstar has pushed back the release date of GTAV on PC yet again. According to the latest update on their website, online heists are coming March 10, and Grand Theft Auto V for PC is hopefully Coming April 14. We won’t hold our breath, but maybe whenever it does come out it will relatively bug free. Maybe.



A few days ago, Rockstar announced that GTA V for the PS4 and the Xbox One was on the way, and that the game would be available for purchase from November 18, 2014. Whilst a PC version was also being developed, it has since been delayed till January 2015.

For a while, Rockstar didn’t give any reasons for why the PC release was delayed, but now everything has been revealed thanks to a new post on the Rockstar blog.

Rockstar explained that, “We are incredibly excited to be bringing GTAV to the PC, but the game requires a little more development time in order to ensure that it is as amazing and polished as possible. Please do stay tuned as we reveal new features and information about all the new versions in the weeks ahead.”

It sounds as if the porting process from the last gen console versions to PC takes a bit more work than it does to port the game to current gen consoles, which makes the delayed PC release understandable. We expect that when the PC version releases, it will be nearly identical to the PS4 and Xbox One versions in terms of gameplay content, but if we’re lucky we may be given better options for improving graphics.

The new version of GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One will come with improved rendering, denser traffic, more wildlife, increased foliage, new radio songs, and many other great new features.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature is the inclusion of up to 30-player multiplayer on the GTA Online portion of the game. Previously, GTA Online previously only supported 16 players in one session of GTA Online, so almost doubling it to 30 will surely make things pretty hectic.

GTA V will be available for $59.99 – so far we do not know whether Rockstar will release an upgrade plan for those who already own the game on either the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.


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