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Rocket League Review

Sometimes games don’t need to be overly complicated in order to be fun. All they need is a simple mechanic and they’re good to go. Rocket League is a game that stands around those lines, although it does manage to bring in quite a lot of value right off the bat!

This is a game that basically combines the notion of soccer with wonderful, small RC cars that you can control in any way you want. The rules however are the same as those found in soccer, and even the game terrain is pretty much like a soccer field. Everything is very familiar and even if you’ve only seen a soccer match once in your life, you will know how to play this. The rules are simplified and the game is a ton of fun because of that, since there are no specific restrictions.

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The multiplayer mode is where all the action happens, but the title also offers the ability to play Exhibition against the bots and, if you want, you can also engage in battles during a fully fledged tournament mode. The tournament is customizable based on the desired team size, and it’s a ton of fun to play, in fact I was amazed at the great quality that the game provides.

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Gameplay-wise, it’s just football with RC cars. It plays like a football game but you get the physics of these small cars, which brings in some insane, yet very interesting mechanics into the mix. I have to say that I was very impressed with the title because combining these two worlds is no small feat, and making them feel so cohesive is a work of art.

There are around a dozen cars to choose from, some of them track your stats, others don’t, but all of them can be customized down to even the slightest detail. You can add hats, change their color, liveries and a ton of other cool stuff, so not only is it an amazing experience, it’s also addicting as well!

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You do encounter some demolition derby elements, especially in the sense of destroying cars when you are at full speed, but this is just fun and it doesn’t make the game violent, instead it’s just a cool mechanic created to keep things interesting. There is a local co-op mode but the best mode, for me at least, is online as that’s where you get your skills tested. No matter the time – during day or night when I entered the lobby, I could find a match within 30 seconds or so, which means that the game is very popular and that’s great for a title that’s multiplayer oriented.

Graphically everything feels and looks amazing here, as cars are nicely designed, the physics are very good and the animations are, indeed, solid. I was impressed with the high quality offered by a $20 game like this!

All in all, Rocket League is something special. For many, it appeared out of nowhere but it has conquered us with its charming gameplay and fun customization. If you have a few bucks to spare, don’t want an AAA game but instead you want to play online and have a blast, Rocket League delivers and it’s one of the best multiplayer experiences in recent years and don’t forget, Rocket League is currently FREE with a PS+ subscription! If you don’t have a PS+ subscription, don’t worry, Rocket League is only $20 for everyone else.

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