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Red Dead Redemption 2 Seemingly On the Horizon

One could argue that Rockstar is the most influential gaming company today. Rockstar was the studio behind the most revolutionary game released at least in the last 20 years, maybe even, of all time. Grand Theft Auto III literally changed everything about the way games are both made by developers and consumed by the public. Their open world sandbox gameplay let gamers play with the world around them like never before, allowing total freedom to pursue any avenue of chaos and/or mayhem that they wished. Rockstar followed up Grand Theft Auto III with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Vice City was mostly everything that a sequel should be. It was bigger and prettier and improved upon the original without sacrificing any sort of gaming integrity. What it did not do was fix some of its mechanical issues. These issues persisted through the making of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which yet again, took everything that you loved about the GTA series and cranked it to 11. San Andreas also packed the strongest story of the bunch, to boot. GTA IV soon followed and was again met with uproarious applause. Rockstar had gone to bat four times and had knocked it out of the park each and every time. At least, to most people they had.

read dead 2

Then things really got interesting

Some soon became bored with the same formula being regurgitated with each successive game that Rockstar would release. Every game expanded upon the formula that had made GTA III such a success but it was still essentially the same formula: go into urban city, wreck it however you see fit, maybe do a story mission in which you have to wreck stuff a specific way, repeat ad nauseam. While that formula was revolutionary for its time, it needed to grow as its fan base grew. Enter, Red Dead Redemption. Redemption was the prequel to the Xbox’s Red Dead Revolver, which, upon release, was met with a collective “meh” from the gaming community. What Rockstar did was take their formula that had brought such massive success and applied it to a new setting within the confines of Red Dead’s western world and tweaked it to fit the context as well. For example, if someone had carjacked you in a GTA game, there would be essentially nothing you could do short of blowing the car to pieces. With Red Dead however, taking a thief down on horseback is small peanuts to badass John Marston. Tweaks like that set Red Dead apart from the overcrowded “sandbox” genre that its makers had created ten years prior. Randomized world events and hundreds of hours’ worth of side quests and collectibles made Red Dead an instant classic. Where Red Dead was really special, though, was in its story. Rockstar put an emphasis on Red Dead’s story like it had never done in any game before. A tale of a former bandito doing his damnedest to go straight and getting pulled back into the life he tried so hard to abandon by the worst people the government can send after him is what truly made Red Dead impossible to forget. Red Dead Redemption was met with even higher praise than any of its GTA predecessors. When it was made backwards compatible for the xbox one, sales of xbox 360 versions of the game skyrocketed over 6000%. Then, two days ago as of this writing, Rockstar released this image.

read dead 2

The internet was stunned. Rumors have been circulating for years now, about a sequel possibly happening. They would pop up every few months and then go quiet once more, but this is something else. This is from the source, straight from the horse’s mouth. No official announcement has been made yet, but the image is indisputably in Red Dead’s aesthetic. On top of that, this image was released today:

read dead 2

This is only further evidence of the supposed sequel, yet again, coming right from the source. Hopefully news will be broken soon about the much rumored game, rumor being that it will be yet another prequel about John Marston’s early years running with his original gang whom he tried to desperately to rid himself of in Redemption. Only time will tell, but with a company like Rockstar at the helm we know that anything is possible and that they have a knack for sequels (and prequels).