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Psychonauts 2 Funded – Release Date Set For 2018

Earlier this week it was announced via DoubleFine’s Twitter account that the sequel to their beloved­by­many game Psychonauts, had reached its crowdfunding goal of $3.3 million. Tim Schafer specified that amount as the goal because it was the amount that was given to create their last game, Broken Age. This news brings closure to millions of fans who’ve been awaiting any news on the Psychonauts front since its release in 2005. Long rumored, the long awaited sequel was finally announced by DoubleFine in early December.
Psychonauts 2 release date
Psychonauts was critically revered despite its gameplay faults due to its entertaining story and its superior sense of humor. Following the training exploits of a psychic gypsy boy as he stows away into a summer camp for psychic soldiers­in­training, Psychonauts endeared itself to gamers like few had before it. Though seemingly universally received by both critics and gamers alike, the game suffered from poor sales. Add to its underwhelming commercial response, the amount of problems it had during development (losing funding multiple times, before finally finding a [soon to be doomed] publisher in Majesco), the prospects for a sequel always seemed dim. In 2012, then Mojang owner Markus Persson explored the possibility of funding the sequel, but the cost (anticipated to be in the neighborhood of $18 million) proved to be too prohibitive to for the deal to come to fruition. Tim Schafer always expressed desire to revisit the world of Psychonauts, but due its underperforming sales he never thought he would get the opportunity. The rise of his studio DoubleFine however, has allowed him the chance many prayed for but never thought would occur.

When Pyschonauts was re­released via a port to the pc in 2011, the cult following the game had developed in the previous six years responded with deafening numbers. In the first week of its release on Steam, Psychonauts had sold more digital copies than in the entirety of its initial run. With proof like that, and other well received games like Brutal Legend, Broken Age, and Massive Chalice, to their credit, DoubleFine has proven itself as being a developer than can indeed produce games that can be both critical darlings and commercial successes. In addition to Pyschonauts 2 being announced, a standalone tie in adventure has also been announced for Playstation VR called Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. The game will bridge Psychonauts 1 and 2 and will center around Raz and his fellow Psychonauts rescuing a fellow Psychonaut named Truman Zanotto And now with the crowdfunding goal met, the hopes and dreams of many Psychonauts can finally be realized (and perhaps invaded by Raz himself).

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