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No Man’s Sky Game-Breaking Glitch Caused by Pre-Order Ship

A very strange glitch is currently affecting users who have pre-ordered No Man’s Sky and obtained the bonus ship. Players who pre-ordered the game also received a slightly better starting ship with an extra inventory slot and a built-in hyperdrive.

The hyperdrive is essential for traveling between star systems and this bonus starting ship seems to be causing quite a few issues.

no mans sky glitch

Starting with the bonus ship means those players will skip a vital part of the tutorial which teaches the player how to build a hyperdrive and gives them the needed blueprint to build them. Without completing this, the only other way to acquire the blueprint is to randomly find one in the universe.

At first this may not sound like a big problem, but upgrading ships is common in No Man’s Sky and not all of them will have a built-in hyperdrive; the player may need to build one for the ship. If a player gets a ship without a hyperdrive and doesn’t have the blueprint then they’ll be stranded in that star system.¬†Finding a hyperdrive blueprint in the game is difficult and while it’s possible, it’s very unlikely.

To craft items in the game, the player needs to have the blueprints first and there’s no way to get around this by looking it up online.

Currently, the only way to avoid this game-breaking bug is to wait until the hyperdrive blueprint has been acquired before claiming the pre-order ship.

no mans sky glitch

It’s not yet clear how common this glitch is. Some players claim that every ship they encounter is missing a hyperdrive while other players only see other ships with the vital hyperdrive component. Once a player has been afflicted with this bug, the only way to continue playing the game is to manually delete the save file and start again; there is no restart button in No Man’s Sky.

Developer Hello Games have not yet commented on this issue and most players suspect that this issue is caused by a glitch in the game. Hopefully the developers will fix this glitch quickly to help the stranded players who have been left desperately searching for hyperdrive blueprints in the star system they’re stuck in.

no mans sky glitch

New players should be aware of this issue and need to wait until they acquire blueprints before they spawn in the pre-order ship.