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New Doom 2016 Details Leaked

The Doom closed alpha attracted many players including some more investigative individuals such as one user on the Doom World forums. A user called MrDope has been searching through the code that makes up the alpha version of Doom in order to find new information not yet announced by id Software or Bethesda.

doom 2016 details leaked

MrDope has seemed to have succeed in finding information about unannounced weapons, items and maps. No major spoilers were discovered and nothing about the single player campaign plot has been mentioned; if you’re someone who doesn’t want to know anything about Doom until it’s released then don’t read past this point as there are potential spoilers.

The discoveries that have been made may not be in the final version of the game. The code is from the alpha version of game which was opened to a select few players for the closed alpha test. It was mostly names that were discovered so there is little information on what these maps look like and what the enemies actually are.

In the pool of information released by MrDope and various other users, a few new features of the game have been confirmed. Player customization for armor, weapons, and something called “kill cards” were written into the coding, which is great news for fans and hopefully an in depth player customization feature will be available.

A list of enemies was also released which includes Hell Knights, Barons and Mancubi; it looks like Spiderdemons and the Spider Mastermind will also be returning in this reboot. This time is sounds like it has melee attacks, telekinesis, lasers, mines and various other forms of attack. There also seems to be special enemies which will be exclusively for the multiplayer mode and one named “The Prowler” which is suggested to be a playable demon.

doom 2016 details leaked

The difficulty levels in Doom have been named after those in the original Doom games and the name “Zion” is present in a lot of code; it could be a reference to a previous Doom project which was never completed.

Most of the level names were also released:

  • The Foundry
  • Olympia
  • Surface
  • Argent Tower
  • BFG Division
  • Blood Keep
  • Crash
  • Electro Tower
  • Lazarus
  • The Titan Realm
  • The Polar Core

There was also a bit more information released but these were the most interesting details. Please note this information has not been officially confirmed by id Software or Bethesda, and may not be in the finished game as this was taken from an early build of the game.