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New Batman: Arkham Knight Cover Art Leaked


The cover art and a few images have been leaked from the new Batman game Arkham Knight. After lower than expected reviews for Origins developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, Rocksteady is back at the helm of the franchise for whats being called the last installment in the Arkham series. The game takes place one year after the events in Arkham City and features the largest map of Gotham to date in order to accommodate the Batmobile, which will be playable for the first time in the series. The main villains include Harley Quinn, Two Face, Scarecrow, Penguin, as well as others.┬áBatman: Arkham Knight will be released “sometime in late 2014” for the PC, Xbox One, and the PS4.


Check out the trailer and leaked Batman Arkham Knight cover art below: