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Microsoft’s Funny Destiny Ad Makes Fun of Their Limited License for the Game


If you didn’t know already, Sony have had a firm grasp over Destiny ever since it was first pitched to the public, and since then Microsoft have had to stand by whilst watching their favorite game studio, which they quite honestly grew up with, become best friends with their fiercest rival in the video games industry.

Because of the agreements set out between Microsoft and Bungie, Xbox are not allowed to advertise Destiny in any way, leaving just Sony to rake in all of the marketing potential the game has. However, Microsoft weren’t just going to let such a big opportunity like Destiny escape their hands, so they created a tongue-in-cheek funny Destiny ad that allowed them to bypass their agreements.

In the funny Destiny ad, Microsoft show off a brand new fragrance that they are trying to market. As you can guess, the fragrance in the advertisement is called Destiny, and without actually saying it, Microsoft have lead many gamers to retail stores providing the Xbox One version of Destiny.

On the landing page of the funny Destiny ad, Microsoft only states “Hi. There are some great Xbox One offers available at the moment. Please check retailers for more information.”

Whilst Microsoft’s funny attempt at trying to capture the Destiny player base may not be as successful as Sony’s marketing potential, it has definitely caught a lot of attention, and the now viral Destiny fragrance will probably tilt the scales of the PS4 vs Xbox One first week sales for the game quite drastically.

Destiny will be released on September 9th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So far, a lot of hype has been following the game, but the hype train has derailed many popular games before, including Titanfall. Can Destiny manage to survive the impending hype trainwreck?

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