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Majora’s Mask Announced for Nintendo 3DS

I have some very fond memories of the original Majora’s Mask. While I can’t say it’s my personal favorite entry in the Zelda series (that honor would go to Wind Waker), it has always been high on the list ever since I first slapped the gunmetal gray cartridge inside my shiny new Nintendo 64 almost 15 years ago. Sporting memorable characters, beautifully desolate locales, and a surprisingly emotionally engaging story, Majora’s Mask is just one of those games that I think are perfect.

majoras mask n64

Now that a remake is slated for release on the Nintendo 3DS next year, complete with a graphical overhaul and some new content, one of my favorite games of all time just might be getting even better.

The remake was confirmed for a spring 2015 release by series producer and director of the original Majora’s Mask Eiji Aonuma in a Miiverse post Friday. The remake will include enhanced visuals and some minor changes to gameplay, and a limited edition boxed set has even been announced — for Europe, at least.

Aonuma has kept further details concerning the remake intentionally ambiguous, but has revealed that it has been in development since the Ocarina of Time 3DS remake hit shelves in the summer of 2011. For now, only time will tell what this new adventure in the doomed land of Termina has in store for us.