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Loyalty Program Announced for the Elder Scrolls Online

ZeniMax Online has just announced a brand new loyalty program for the Elder Scrolls Online that rewards players for continuous subscription within the game. Since the game launched, Elder Scrolls Online required players to pay a monthly fee to be able to access the game, and to incentivise renewing subscription fees, players will now be rewarded when they reach 3 consecutive months of subscription.

For those that have been subscribed to the Elder Scrolls Online for a consecutive three month period, a High Hrothgar Wraith vanity pet will be rewarded. ZeniMax Online also has plans to introduce a six month subscription loyalty reward in the near future as well, and it’s likely this will be followed up with more rewards for subscription time over the following years.

When Elder Scrolls Online first released with a subscription fee, many doubted the game and expected that the title would slowly degrade into a free-to-play MMO like many others before it. This new subscription loyalty program could be the first step to a F2P ESO – it certainly seems as if ZeniMax are putting effort in to keep their current subscribers, but how long can they draw it out for?

Along with the new subscriber loyalty program, ZeniMax Online released a new patch for the Elder Scrolls MMO. The patch largely fixes bugs and tweaks content already within the game, including fixes for quests like Auridon, Craglorn, Fighter’s Guild and Glenumbra.


Mr. Jellyfish

A few UI tweaks have also been made to fix any major issues such as problems with the guild store and the stacking of some items.

The new patch for the Elder Scrolls Online does not add any new gameplay content, however Eyes-the-Path is now selling Elite Gear at the Northern Morrowind Gate and Wanders-Far has reduced the cost of his gear to match the price of other vendors in the proximity.

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