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Is God of War The Best PS4 Game Of 2018?

When you release the sequel to an acclaimed and beloved game, it’s going to be very hard to live up to expectations. The history of  many sequels suggests this. When the game in question happens to be God Of War 3, the anticipation is bound to reach feverish heights. And so, when a new God Of War game was announced for a 2018 release, it was met with a lot of doubts. A lot of questions were asked of Sony and whether it was a good move to release this game. But once the first trailer dropped, those doubts almost vanished. The gameplay seemed immersive, the graphics and technical details seemed to be better than ever. Where people were excited with some apprehension, now they were just excited.

Finally, the day of reckoning arrived on the 20th of April. This was when all the doubters were turned into fans. People could not believe how well the game had turned out. Everyone was raving about it and pretty soon, it became the hottest video game out at the time. The critical reception of the game was so good that it is the third highest selling PS4 game of all time. That is quite an honour to have. On a commercial level, the game has performed incredibly well. Some of the numbers the game has achieved are quite staggering. To give you an idea of its performance, the game sold more than 3 million copies in just three days after its release. But what made the game such a big hit, a new benchmark for others to look at? Let us explain that and tell you why you should be playing God of War the best PS4 game of 2018.


This is where the majority of the changes in God of War were made. The decision was made to make it a single-player only game. This was a departure from the previous instalments. And where the earlier games were based on Greek mythology, this game was based on Norse mythology. This allowed the developers to come up with a whole new set of villains that gave the game a fresh edge. Another change that was made had the potential to upset many people. The protagonist Kratos had his weapon of choice changed from the iconic double-chained blades to a battle-axe. It’s safe to say that this has been received warmly. Players can also make the use of hand to hand combat to get out of sticky situations. On a visual level, the game has grown by leaps and bounds. It is shown as a single continuous shot without any cuts or loading screens, making the game become more immersive. There have been changes made to the camera where it is able to move freely now. The ability to control other characters such as the son of Kratos is also a welcome addition.

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Changing the setting has let the creators explore uncharted territories. While this may have upset die-hard fans, most fans of the series have reacted in a positive manner. We follow Kratos and his son Atreus on their journey. The dynamics of the father and son relationship play a huge role in the progression of the plot. It also provides the players with an emotional connection which was a weak point in the earlier games. One of the fears that people had was the changed setting would end up alienating some players but this didn’t seem to happen. The story does have its fair share of twists and turns and it would be wrong to reveal them here. You can play and find out for yourself. It’s worth it!


The game is so gorgeous to look at and play that you can find yourself playing for hours and hours and not feel the slightest bit bored. What’s most impressive about God Of War is that not only were they able to meet the huge expectations that surrounded the game but also exceed them, which is certainly not an easy thing to accomplish. Another success for the creators is that even those who have never played a game in the series before can try this one and not feel out of place. All of this together makes God of War the best PS4 game of 2018 and a title you should check out.