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You’re Doin’ God’s Work Humble Bundle. You’re Doin’ God’s Work.

Humble Bundle is an online gaming service through which consumers can purchase games as digital downloads. From Humble Bundle consumers can buy either bundles of games, for which they can choose their price, or they can buy standalone games. The bundles offered usually come with incentives to pay more in order to receive more in the bundle as well. For example, a bundle of three or four games will be offered and customers can pay what they wish for them. They can choose, however to pay higher than the average payment price (usually between $8-$10), and receive two or three more games in their bundle. And to take it one step further, Humble Bundle gives them the option to pay a flat rate of varying amounts such as $15 or $20 in order to get between two and four more games on top of that! All in all, consumers usually make out like bandits upon purchasing these bundles, often walking away with between $100-$175 worth of games for a minimum price of around $20.

humble bundle stats

Stats from the latest Square Enix Humble Bundle.

Unlike other digital download platforms like Steam or Origin, Humble Bundle gives consumers a unique decision to make in the process of their purchase. When a customer purchases a bundle, one would assume that a portion of the proceeds will be given to the developers of the games that they just purchased, and a portion will go to Humble Bundle itself. And that can be the case. But here’s why Humble Bundle is unique and why I’m writing about them. While making their purchase, customers can choose to how their money is divvied up. They can choose to give x amount to the developers, x amount to Humble Bundle, and x amount to charity. And there are no minimum requirements for any receiving party involved. A customer could choose to give the entirety of the money they’re spending to Humble Bundle in order to pay for their bandwidth and to help develop new features (such as the new-ish book bundles they now offer) or to a charity such as GamesAid “which acts as an umbrella to support a number of smaller charities who help disadvantaged and disabled children and young people.” or to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


This extra option to Humble Bundle offers to their customers is truly revolutionary to me. Companies have given customers the option to donate some of their money to charity before but I’m unaware of any company that gives you the option to give every penny spent to someone in need. Humble Bundle gives customers the chance to get an incredible bang for their buck, and in the process of doing so, they simultaneously make the world a better place for gaming. Not only do they offer the option to give all the money you spend to charity, they also place a heavy emphasis on the importance of the indie gaming scene, making a total eleven of their bundles indie game only. Humble Bundle gives smaller developers a chance to have their work purchased and experienced by the masses for pennies on the dollar. Humble Bundle has also received support from larger developers such as Square Enix, THQ, and 2K. This allows larger companies to get some good PR for making their games more available to people who couldn’t necessarily afford these larger AAA developer’s works, it allows the customer to choose to help the charities of their choice, and it gets Humble Bundle all the sales and traffic that they could handle. As mentioned before, Humble Bundle has recently made it possible to purchase single games from them, often for a discounted price. Ten percent of all of these proceeds also go to charity.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a game or two, and you haven’t bought from Humble Bundle at least once, do yourselves and someone in need a favor and give them a shot. And if you’re not shopping for a new game, but feeling generous anyway, here are some links to help out some of the charities Humble Bundle often donates to.