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How to Efficiently Achieve 99 In All Melee Combat Skills – Runescape 3

In the first part of the guide we’ll cover both of the Free-to-Play and P2P methods for training all melee combat skills from level 1-99, and in the next section we’ll primarily cover Pay-to-Play training methods for combat skills.

combat skills

To start with, the melee combat skills are attack, strength, and defense. These are the three skills that we’re going to cover how to train from level 3 to 99. Before you first start killing any monsters, there’s an option in the menu for you to choose which combat skill to train. So now go to the melee abilities tab and select the fighting mode that you want to train. So for example if you want to train strength select the strength mode and so on. There is a fourth option that I recommend for lower level players that’s called Balanced mode, this mode distributes the amount of experience gained between hitpoints, defense, strength, and attack equally.

However be warned that getting to level 99 in ANY skill will be difficult and requires patience as well as dedication.

For Training from Level 3 – 40: F2P & P2P

One of the most efficient and effective areas to train melee combat is the Abandoned Burthorpe mine (north of Burthorpe) which yields a vast number of level-2 Trolls. These NPC’s can earn you 30 experience per unit kill and tend to be one-shot kills, thus making this method an extremely efficient area for ultra-rapid combat training. This will allow you to get up to Level 40-50 in all combat skills efficiently. Along with their high numbers they also have an extremely fast respawn rate. You usually won’t need to worry about running out of trolls. This method has been tested and gives somewhere around 20k experience per hour.

For Training from level 40-50: F2P

Another efficient area to train to level 50 is in the underground Stronghold of Security. On the second and third floor of the Stronghold there are Flesh Crawlers as well as Giant Spiders. Flesh Crawlers are weak to stab attacks, so it’s recommended to use a sword with that attack style selected in the abilities tab. Flesh crawlers are often crowded making it slightly difficult to train at times and on certain worlds. Giant spiders on the other hand are weak to crush attacks. I would recommend using a warhammer or mace. Giant spiders do not drop any items but they are great xp.

For training from level 40-60: P2P

One of the most effective and efficient ways to get any melee combat skill to level 60 are rock crabs. Rock crabs are found in large abundances and offer excellent drops from gems to herbs and even clue scrolls, which can help fund your training food reserves. It’s also worth mentioning, edible seaweed can be found in the area  that can help sustain your HP for lengthy training runs.

combat skills

But take note, in order to slay rock crabs you must complete the quest “The Fremennik Trials” and the area may be crowded during some hours.

For training from level 50 onwards: F2P

This part of the training is the most difficult and requires the largest amount of dedication. Deadly Red Spiders can be found in the Stronghold of Security, Varrock sewers, and the Karamja Jungle. Deadly Red spiders provide 400 experience per kill, and are not very crowded during day times. It’s recommended to use rune war hammers or mace or rune/gravite 2 handed sword.

For training from level 60 – 70:

The single most efficient way to train at this level is by playing the mini game pest control. This is because most P2P monsters are a way too high level to fight, or do not grant as much experience. Pest control is recommended because it is a safe minigame (meaning that you do not lose your items upon death) that offers points that can be exchanged for rewards, such as exclusive armors or bonus experience. Also, pest control offers a gold reward after every game. Pest control may become somewhat repetitive after a while, and the experience gained is roughly halved.

For Training from level 70 – 99:

In this combat range Dust Devils and Frost dragons are the two best ways to train melee combat skills. Dust Devils are weak to crush ability. Using warhammers and maces will work best. Also, Dust Devils have a rare chance of dropping dragon chainbody; this could potentially offer a very profitable experience! Dust Devils offer 450 experience per unit killed. However, Dust Devils require a mask to be worn to prevent large amounts of damage and require level 65 slayer to kill. Frost dragons on the other hand offer a whopping 1150 experience per unit killed! Frost dragons also drop dragon bones and other rare drops that could make training pay for its self or maybe even make you rich! A Bonecrusher and Split dragontooth necklace while using either Soul Split or Deflect Magic, if on Ancient Curses or Protect from Magic and Piety if on the normal prayers, along with antifire protection can potentially negate all damage. These monsters do require 85 dungeoneering to slay though so be forewarned. I would also recommend using a stab weapon for this monster or a dragon tier scimitar or better.

combat skills

Tips & notes:


  •  It is highly recommended that players use the best equipment available to them at their level. For example, if while training you reach a Defense level of 20, it’s worth going to the GE immediately to purchase some steel armor. Be sure to check the stat requirements in game for all armor and weapons.
  •  Try to match your attack style to the monster’s weakness for maximum damage to maximize efficiency, and therefore xp/hr. Ex: A player attacking a fire-weak monster with a crushing weapon will train slower than a player with the same weapon attacking a crush-weak monster.
  •  Depending on the monster’s combat level and stats food may be needed. Perhaps invest in a Ring of Life.
  •  Try to fight monsters with low defense. Lower defense means the monster is easier to hit, so less time is spent out of combat, therefore providing more experience.
  •  If your Magic level is high enough for a teleport spell, it is advised you carry teleport runes – just in case. (This may or may not apply, as you can now access the lodestone network for teleporting purposes. It is still a good idea to bring some in case of an emergency however.)
  • When fighting monsters that are aggressive, turn on Auto Retaliate for an easier training experience. (and just to be safe!)
  • Training in the Wilderness is generally a bad idea due to the threat of player killers. Most monsters that are found in the Wilderness can be found elsewhere, or have better alternatives in non-Wilderness locations.
  •  Free players can now use all basic combat potions, (attack, strength, defense, ranging, and magic) which can make training significantly faster. If you can afford it, it’s worth the investment.