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Hitman 2016 set to be episodic

It has been confirmed by Square Enix that there will be a total of seven episodes which will be released throughout 2016. At the time of release, its will be possible to buy two editions of the game; the “Intro Pack” includes the first episode and also provides access to the Contracts and Escalation modes. The “Full Experience” pack provides the buyer with the first episode and all give them access to all other episodes as soon as they are released, those who purchase the “Intro Pack” will need to purchase the other episodes separately.

Square Enix has previously announced that there will be at least six unique locations in the new Hitman game; the Paris map will be available at launch and additional maps in Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco and Thailand have also been confirmed to come.

Each episode of the game will need to be purchased in a similar style seen from other episodic games such as those from Telltale Games; the only exception to this is if the player has bought the “Full Experience” version of the game.

Hitman will be receiving DLC throughout the year which will be available for free; the DLC will include new special disguises and brand new weapons for the player to use in the single player and online games.

The new Hitman game takes place after the events of Hitman: Absolution and is the sixth entry to the series. The game places emphasis on stealth and is an action-adventure game that gives players freedom in how they approach and kill each target they are assigned.

hitman episodic

The first episode for Hitman which includes the prologue and the Paris map will be released on March 11th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Release dates for the other episodes have not been revealed yet however Square Enix has commented that there will be major content updates every month until all of the episodes for the game have been released.