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Is the cost of a modern gaming desktop worth the price?

You’ve probably heard people talk about the large costs associated with the hardware needed to build a decent gaming desktop. We’ll take a look at how true this is, and see if the price of a gaming desktop is really worth it.

Most modern gamers are generally split into two categories: console players and pc players. The majority of console players play on the next gen systems such as the PS4 and Xbox One, or perhaps one of the slightly older consoles like the PS3 or Xbox 360. One of the things that separates PC gamers from the console community is the fact that there are a multitude of different hardware arrangements for gaming desktops. However, with all the different hardware combinations for a gaming desktop come large variations in performance – as well as price.

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They can look pretty neat too!

With the Xbox One and the PS4 both costing around $399 each, not to mention the $60 price tag attached to the majority of new titles, most gamers have had to give a little thought as to which gaming system they will invest in for the future. As a result of this, gamers have shown increasing interest in gaming desktops and pc gaming in general. While it can be intimidating at first, building a gaming desktop can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the introduction of a new gaming generation, most players are excited to see what new, in-game graphical enhancements the latest console hardware makes possible. But how much would you need to spend on a gaming desktop to achieve similar graphical performance?

In this Reddit post, a user has challenged other members to put together a mid-range gaming desktop with comparable processing and graphical power to that of the new consoles. As most people are under the impression that a gaming desktop costs a ton of money, you may be surprised to see the cost of some of the systems the users put together. While admittedly the amount you can spend on a gaming desktop is almost limitless, the entry point to build a solid gaming rig is certainly comparable to that of the next gen systems.

While you may hear a lot about the costs of gaming hardware, something you may not be aware of is the often low price of most digital games for PC. Most PC gamers use DRMs such as Steam, Origin, and uPlay. These programs serve as a digital store front and manage your game libraries,  as well as allowing you to register game codes you buy via third party retailers. While the DRMs themselves usually have pretty decent sales in their respective stores, the largest discounts are usually found by third party sellers such as Amazon, GreenManGaming, and G2A. Sites like these often have most games, sometimes even new titles, for as high as 75% off or more! When you buy a digital game code from one of the sites above, its usually delivered instantly. You then take this code and register it on its respective DRM (often Steam) and after you download the game your ready to play, no need to even leave the house! So while the cost of a gaming desktop can seem a bit steep at first, the dramatically cheaper games help offset the price and can even save you money in the long run.

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If your still interested in building a gaming desktop, here a few great resources to help get you started:

/r/buildapc – Get help and advice from other people on all aspects of building a PC.

/r/buildapcforme – Detail your needs and budget and have users suggest hardware combinations for your computer. – Huge list of PC components from around the web sorted by lowest price allowing you to piece together a computer and share your build with others. – Great site that lists the best deals each day from all of the major digital game retailers. AWESOME resource for PC gamers.

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