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Free Payday 2 DLC From Overkill, Just join Steam Group!

Free Payday 2 content in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the Payday franchise! Overkill Software has kicked off a cool little promo CRIMEFEST to see how many members they can get in the official Payday 2 group page over on Steam. Overkill’s goal is to reach 1.5 million community members by October 18th. With the group already nearing one million members the goal certaily isn’t out of reach. So what’s in it for us? All kind of free payday 2 gear and DLC! Over on Overkill’s official site, they outline the rewards at each membership level.

With some really cool unlocks like new weapons, new heists, and new masks it’s certainly worth the few seconds it takes to click join over on the community page. One really exciting free Payday 2 reward, which is coming up pretty soon, is Payday: The Heist for FREE at 1,050,000 group members! At the time of this writing the group currently sits at 987,880 members, so there are some really good rewards right off the bat!

Never heard of Payday?

They payday series is a first person 4 player co op shooter by Overkill Software that uses Valve’s Source engine. The game puts players in the the shoes of four different professional criminals as they pull off over the top heists in and around the Washington DC area. With a ton of unlocks, perks, and customization options payday offers players all kinds of content to keep the game fresh, fun, and engaging. One of the coolest and unique features about Payday 2 is the fact that you’re able to play the any of the mission DLC for free as long as the host of the game has them purchased! This allows friends to play new content with each other, or at least try it out before buying.

So if your a veteran of Crimenet and looking to score some free Payday 2 content hop on over to Steam and like the Group! If you’ve just heard about the Payday series and still curious, go ahead and join the Steam group even if you don’t have the game. After 50,000 more people join, Payday: The Heist is FREE! But if your looking to go ahead and dive right into the streets of DC you can currently grab Payday 2 over on Amazon for $29.99 !


Overkill’s Official Site

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