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Five Different Ways to Be a Better Hearthstone Player

Hearthstone; a F2P card game developed by Blizzard that has conquered the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The game itself is not too complicated to learn from scratch. Now as you try to make your way through the 25 ranks, here are five different ways to be a better Hearthstone player:

  • Practice is Preparation 

Have you ever heard your teacher say “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”? This little nugget of wisdom is crucial if you want to get close to being a great player in Hearthstone. Before entering the Play mode or Arena mode, it is best if you complete the Practice mode first. Completing the tutorial gives you many untold benefits. First, it unlocks every class that is available in the game. Second, it gives you the required experience in order to navigate through your deck as effectively as possible and play cards with correct timing. Most importantly, completing tutorials gives you a sense of anticipation of what the opponent might play. Also, it gives you an insight of the strengths and weaknesses of each class along with the different cards in a deck will help you make the smarter decision each turn.

  • Gain the Upper Hand Quickly 

Once in game, it is crucial to deal damage as quick as possible. Don’t hesitate to use spells such as Arcane Missiles, Arcane Shot, or Sinister Strike early on. Spells combined with minion damage will do significant damage (that might be game changing during the late game) which will put the opponent on the defensive. Instead of thinking how to deal damage, the opposing player will focus more on protecting him/herself.

  • Control the Board, Control the Game 

This is probably the single most important tip you can take away from this article. According to, “board control is ensuring the other player uses up more resources removing your cards than you use removing theirs.” For example, a Chillwind Yeti is a four to cast 4/5 minion. If you force the enemy to use a 1/1 Novice Engineer and two 2/3 River Crocolisks to dispose the Chillwind Yeti, you are controlling the game since the opponent has used more mana than you did in the process. Base your every decision on this concept and you will be surprised how far you will go.

  • Look for Favorable Trade offs 

Part of controlling the game is looking for favorable tradeoffs to eliminate the opponent’s minion. Using a 1/1, one to cast Stonetusk Boar to waste a 2/1 Young Priestess with the special ability to give a random friendly hero minion +1 health is a solid move. As mentioned before, look for opportunities as such as you go through the game, and you will have an easier time coming out with the upper hand.

  • Protect your Hero 

Although dealing damage to the opponent may seem like the primary objective of the game, many people make the mistake of not protecting your hit points, both are just as important. Ideally, it is better to attack the enemy’s minions first to ensure that minimal or zero damage will be dealt to you in the next turn. However, having a minion with taunt ability like will give you the freedom to attack. If you can, cast spells that will buff the minion with taunt to increase its staying power. With your defense set, you are now free to send your other minions on a damage spree.


Playing Hearthstone may seem very challenging at first. Losses may pile up quickly and discourage you, but with these five tips, you are well on your way to becoming a better Hearthstone player and eventually making a name for yourself in the world rankings.