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SOE Releases First H1Z1 Gameplay Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has released the first game trailer for their upcoming post apocalyptic zombie shooter MMO, H1Z1.

H1Z1 was announced earlier this month and SOE has indicated that an early build of the game will be available on Steam early access in “the upcoming weeks”. Sony has said the MMO will be free to play and feature micro transactions, but promises that they will only sell items that are “fair”. The trailer shows a little PvE combat with players taking out a few zombies with various weapons and the first glance at the expansive game world. SOE promises a  “destructible world on a massive scale” with building and destruction, crafting, dynamic weather with a day/night cycle, and flammable items (apparently including the zombies).

While not personally a fan of free to play and a bit bored of the over-saturated zombie game market, at this point the H1Z1 gameplay trailer makes the game intriguing enough to try. Will you be playing H1Z1?

First H1Z1 trailer: