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February 25th Rust Update: The Moon Is Here!

 Well here it is. No longer do we have just a glowing orb in the night sky, we now have a real moon to shine upon us as we are slaughtered by bandits with contrast boosted monitors.


Luna isn’t the only graphical update after today’s latest patch. We now have enhanced water, to accompany the new sky. The new version of the sky is supposed to offer a ¬†frame rate boost among mid and high end PC rigs, due the the way the previous version rendered with two cameras. It also allows the ability to now produce reflections.


In addition to these graphical updates the February 25th patch also features a pretty big gameplay update: The addition of degrading weapons and armor. Weapons take damage during use and armor takes damage when you are hit but both of these can be repaired at a workbench. Another downside to this addition it that weapons and armor can only be repaired so many times before they just become unusable.



The update also features some preformance updates for OSX and Linux users. How do you feel about the new update? Let us know in the comments.

Check out the screen shots below of the new sky in all their 1440p glory:



For full release notes check out the Play Rust website: