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Fallout Shelter Cheats and Tips

The easiest way to level up in any game is to cheat. With these Fallout Shelter cheats and tips you’ll be levelling up the best vault in the wasteland quickly! Don’t worry, if cheating isn’t your thing, maybe some of our Fallout Shelter tips will be helpful. The two main things that most people want to do in Fallout Shelter is to get more building types quickly and to unlock more vault dwellers.

fallout shelter cheats

Fallout Shelter is video game based in the Fallout universe. The game is available on iOS devices as well as PC and Android platforms. Designed with touch screen gameplay in mind, gamers take the role of Overseer and manage their vaults and the settlers that live there. It is a free to play game with optional in app purchases.

SPECIAL Vault Dweller Stats:

Just like the residents of the regular Fallout universe, the dwellers in Fallout Shelter all have a specific SPECIAL rating. It’s important to make sure each dweller has a job that suits their skills.

fallout shelter cheats

Strength – Dwellers with a high strength skill are best for working in power plants.

Perception – NPC’s with a high perception skill are most helpful working in water treatment plants.

Endurance – Those characters with high endurance are best working in Nuka Cola factories or exploring the wasteland.

Charisma – Your most charming residents are best for working in radio stations. It’s also worth nothing these dwellers are also the best for re-population.

Intelligence – Dwellers with a high intelligence skill are good at working in the medical bay or in the science laboratory.

Agility – These guys are best working in restaurants.

Luck – Lucky wastelanders can help pretty much anywhere, but they are more likely to find rare items when out in the wasteland.

Wow, wasn’t that just Special? Don’t forget to build a training room so you can increase your dweller’s SPECIAL stats!

There are a few different approaches to Fallout Shelter cheats. One popular way of cheating in Fallout Shelter on PC is to use a save editor or to download a hacking tool. Be careful when downloading cheats online, often times they can contain viruses. Only download from trusted sources.

fallout shelter cheats