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Everything You Need to Know About Mafia III

The next chapter in the Mafia series is almost here and players will be able to jump into the new story later this week on October 7th. Developer Hangar 13 has revealed quite a bit of information about the game and slowly leaked what players can expect from the game.

Hanger 13 hasn’t announced just how long the game is but they have told gamers that it contains hours of content for them to explore and complete. For most fans this isn’t too concerning but the developers have also opted to not send out review copies of Mafia III. Anyone uncertain about the game will need to wait a few days first before they can read any reviews of it.

mafia III

From the start of the game, players will be able to explore the city of New Bordeaux and take on different side quests. While it’s possible to explore the city at any time, some areas will be locked until the player completes certain story missions. This freedom expands to how players deal with combat, it’s possible to be stealthy or use the full assault options with the possibility of calling for back-up.

A rough overview of the plot was announced quite some time ago. Players will control Lincoln Clay, a biracial orphan who was the sole survivor of an attack on his gang. Players will be fighting for revenge on the other gang while attempting to rebuild their old one. Hanger 13 has commented that while the game is set in a southern state in 1960, racism will not be a main focus of the game but it will be present nonetheless.

mafia III

Three pieces of DLC have been confirmed for the Season Pass but there will also be various free DLC updates to add new vehicles, weapons, outfits and more to the game. The confirmed Season Pass DLCs are all story based and should add several more hours of content to the game.

Mafia III will be released this week on October 7th and dedicated fans of the series have the option of buying a special Collector’s Edition which includes a variety of merchandise. It’s being released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC and also for Mac computers.