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Doom to get a reversible cover

Bethesda has recently reached out to fans to ask for their opinion on the other side of the Doom cover art. They plan to make the cover reversible; one side will have the standard and rather shooter sterotypical image which fans did not particularly like, the other will be the fan selected image.

There are two images available in the vote, both of which are much more fitting for a Doom game than the main cover. Option A is very dark but striking with black and red colours with a demons head on the front which gives it a ‘Satanic’ feel. The other option seems to be the fan favourite however as it pays homage to the earlier games cover art. The final decision is up to the voters however and the poll is still available on the official Doom twitter.

It’s always good to see a developer, especially a large one such as Bethesda, communicating with their fans on this level; they saw that the dedicated Doom fans were unhappy and came up with a solution to fix the problem. This isn’t a first in the gaming industry, Irrational Games also created a reversible cover after Bioshock fans raised their voice about their dislike for the Bioshock Infinite cover.

Boxed games are often considered a ‘dying breed’ as digital sales continue to rise, physical copies do continue to sell in stores however and cover art typically needs to be able to draw in new buyers and new fans. So while Doom fans would love to see the current main cover go, it is a ‘necessary evil’ to keep it. Using both cover options as the reversible cover art is great for fans but not so great at attracting new fans, something the Doom reboot needs in order for the series to continue to survive.

new doom cover

The Doom reboot is due for release May 13 and will be released for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One; the new shooter game will be the first new Doom game to be released in over 10 years.