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The Division Details Leaked!

The Division is due to be released this week and some data miners have managed to find quite a bit of information from the game files. There aren’t any particularly large spoilers for the plot however, if you want to avoid all spoilers until you can play the game, then it is advised that you don’t read any further.

The base game appears to have 26 missions and based on the time length for each mission in the open beta, the game could take around 11-12 hours to complete. There is also the Dark Zone PvP area which greatly adds to the potential playtime for the game. While Brooklyn has been confirmed to not be available at launch, it was included in early demos for the game. References to missions in this area have been discovered in the data mine and Ubisoft has confirmed that this area will become available as DLC sometime after the release of the game.

Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division will be getting free DLC in April and May, then later in the year the game will be receiving paid expansions also. The data miner provides the names of two DLC missions in their search, no other information is known besides their names which are “The Drones” and “Kill the Tank”.

Information regarding vehicles and weapons was also revealed. Waterplanes and helicopters with mini machine gun attachments have been discovered in the data mine and a full list of weapons has been uncovered. There are 138 weapons in the game, not including modified weapons, which will include weapons such as the M87 Sniper Rifle. Some of the weapons stats were also discovered which includes the most effective range of the weapon, magazine and reload time. Some of the available modifications were also discovered and and listed in the same publicly available spreadsheet.

Details about the available Weapon Talents have also been revealed along with their descriptions and their stats. However, some of the numbers are missing so this is not a complete list of what is in the game. The Talents seem to be a good range of abilities for all play styles including sniping and tanking, there are also talents that heal the player for each kill, add a bleed affect to their bullets and grant them faster reload.
The Division Open Beta

The Division will be released on March 8th for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4; DLC will be released later in the year with paid expansions coming to the game in the Summer.