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Destiny Weapon Balances Deployed in New Patch

Bungie has been very open with the community recently and have been trying their hardest to work around any major problems with their latest release, Destiny, and it obviously has been paying off.


Currently, Destiny is averaging around 3.2 million players per day, but despite this success, Bungie have still been hard at work deploying new patches and updates to address issues that the community have been discussing.

One issue, which has been around since the beta, is the lack of balance between different weapon types. Bungie is no ametuer when it comes to weapon balancing though, and they have had many years of experience on Halo, and their latest patch brings together more balances to make sure each weapon is great in the circumstances it is supposed to be used in.

For example, the auto rifle is now very good at close range, but at long range it pales in comparison to burst and single shot rifles.

A lot of all-round changes were made to the game, but the Destiny weapon balances are what have taken our interest. Below, I have listed the changes that have been made to the weapons in Destiny – this will apply to the crucible and outside of the crucible.

  • Auto Rifles
    • Base Damage decreased by 2%
    • Reduced Precision Damage multiplier from 1.50 -> 1.25 (head shot bonus)
    • Stability decreased by 4% – 17% (driven by stat value)
  • Hand Cannons
    • In-air accuracy now increased
  • Scout Rifles
    • Base damage increased by 6%
    • Damage vs. Combatants increased by 6% – 25% (based on tier)
    • Improved target acquisition, plus additional recoil tuning.
  • Shotguns
    • Decreased base damage at maximum range (falloff) by 20%
    • Shot Package Perk now has a slightly wider cone of fire
    • The Rangefinder and Shot Package perks are now mutually exclusive

Have you noticed any of the changes to the Destiny weapon balances since the latest patch? What are your opinions on the changes?