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Why Destiny Can’t Possibly Live up To the Hype and Why That’s Okay

I have never seen a game with as much Hype behind it as Destiny. The amount of marketing for this game is absolutely ludicrous. You can’t travel from one web page to another without seemingly running into an ad for Bungie’s latest offering to the game hungry masses. And here’s why that doesn’t bode well for it.


Two games in recent months have had similar hype trains behind them, although they paled in size compared to the one Destiny is pulling in its wake: Titanfall and Watch Dogs. Both Titanfall and Watch Dogs were touted as so-called “killer apps” for the new generation of consoles. They were the games you would have bought a PS4 or and Xbox One just for the opportunity to play these games. When these games were released however, the critical sector of the gaming community suddenly remembered that they were indeed supposed to be critical, for better or for worse. In reading and watching reviews for these games after their release, it became clear that almost all those people reviewing the game wanted to like them. They wanted to like them so bad. With all the hype that their publishers put behind them, and all the effort that went into the marketing, many had almost made up their minds on whether the game was good or not before even getting the opportunity to play it. Once people got their hands on these games however, the shiny veneer of new games that could show off these gamers’ new hardware wore off and people recognized that there were flaws to be found all over these two games. As much as critical gamers wanted to enjoy these games, they understood that they were not the masterpieces that they had been hyped to be. That is not to say that these games were terrible by any stretch of the imagination. Were Watch Dogs and Titanfall good games? Absolutely. Were they hella fun to play? Of course they were. But were they “killer apps”? No. Did they revolutionize the gaming industry the way that the gaming public had been led to believe that they would? No. They were flawed, and they couldn’t be recognized as the gaming revelation of the next generation.

The marketing minds behind Destiny are, however, out to prove that Destiny is the rightful owner to this crown of next generation royalty, that will rise above the lesser contenders and claim the title of the next generation’s first true “killer app.” No small amount of effort has been put into convincing gamers that this game is the next step in gaming evolution, either. This game is made by Bungie, developers of the original Xbox’s poster child, the Halo franchise. A fact that these ads are all too happy to remind the gaming community about. “It’s the guys who made Halo, of course it’ll be awesome!” They’ve enlisted some star power as well, casting the God of Tits and Wine himself, Peter Dinklage in the game. The problem with this casting however, is that Dinklage’s voice acting in the beta was, less than stellar to say the least, and the infamous “That wizard came from the moon” will go down in gaming history as one of the most head-scratchingly awkward moments of this generation. While reports are that Dinklage’s performance has improved in the final copy, Destiny will always have that supremely strange shadow hanging over it.


It’s already been reported that Destiny has had the most successful launch of any game in history, and that it could have potentially already made its money back. But this game will not be the exodus into gaming nirvana that so many hope it will be. It will have quirks and flaws and will disappoint in some areas, just like all games will. Don’t let the hype fool you. This isn’t a new chapter in gaming. It will be worth the price you pay for it. But when the gaming community has had its fill with Destiny, they will move on from it. It’s not going to stick the way that true killer apps do. But that’s okay. Destiny will still be a great game that people will enjoy. And while the marketing campaign will have the public believe that this game is necessary for anyone who wishes to consider themselves a member of the gaming community, just remember that that isn’t the case. No game could possibly live up to the hype that’s being forced upon Destiny. Many games have been down this path and all have disappointed. Titanfall and Watch Dogs were touted as something they were not, and no one will remember those games in two years. All Destiny needs to be in order to capture the minds of the gaming world, like all other games is fun. As long as it’s fun, the ads and the campaigning and the stupid Walmart commercials don’t mean anything. Don’t let Destiny try to be something that it’s not, something that its publishers are trying to force it to be. See it for what it is, fun and not the gaming genesis people expect it to be, and appreciate it on those merits alone.


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