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DayZ Announced for PlayStation 4

DayZ is one of those games that has managed to take the world by storm, despite being created by a team without any marketing budget whatsoever. In a similar fashion to Minecraft, DayZ has managed to start as a small mod from the mind of one person, to a huge standalone hit that is now being worked on by a large development team.


What’s for dinner?

DayZ is however still in development, and a lot of work needs to be done to it before it could be called a complete experience. Despite this, recent reports suggest the DayZ developers aren’t scared of any challenges thrown their way.

At Gamescom this month, Dean “Rocket” Hall, the creator of DayZ, revealed that there are plans to introduce DayZ to the PlayStation 4, bringing it in line with other multi-platform zombie survival games and putting it up against SOE’s game, H1Z1.

Whilst the Gamescom announcement did focus on the new PlayStation 4 details, Rocket did express his thoughts on console exclusivity, and ultimately mentioned he’s against such things. So, although DayZ will be coming to the PlayStation 4 first, it could potentially make it’s way to the Xbox One as well.

I personally think this is great news for the DayZ crew, and the extra income from PlayStation 4 sales should help the development team expand and put more work into developing the game further.

So far, no actual details for the PS4 release date have yet been revealed, and it’s unlikely to happen any time soon. The DayZ developers have been known to take their time on development, instead of sticking to firm release dates. Whether or not the DayZ PS4 edition will make it to the console before H1Z1 or not is unclear, but it will be interesting to see which zombie survival game becomes the most successful.

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