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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Footage Shown at Gamescom

As expected, Sledgehammer games have taken to the stage at Gamescom this year to show off gameplay for their upcoming Call of Duty title, Advanced Warfare. For the past few years, Gamescom has been the show that COD developers have used to show off new multiplayer gameplay, and this year it’s no different.

When it comes to the actual gameplay content though, there is quite a lot different about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and Sledgehammer Games have done a good job to add enough originality to the series without ruining what players have expected Call of Duty to be.

Perhaps one of the largest additions to the multiplayer gameplay in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the exo suit – this is something that all players will have, and it will give players an extra level of speed and strength, allowing players to reach higher heights from the ground, and navigate terrain much quicker.

The exo suit idea for Advanced Warfare reminds me slightly of the super fast paced jet pack fuelled gameplay of Titanfall. Call of Duty has always been renowned for it’s run n’ gun gameplay, but Advanced Warfare may be stepping it up a notch.

In terms of other gameplay content, the multiplayer for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will remain familiar for veteran COD players – there will be new perks, weapons and killstreaks, but the game will still feel like Call of Duty.

The Pick 10 system is back in COD: AW, although players are now given 13 slots, and players are allowed to pick a standalone exo suit perk to top it off.

Everything is a whole lot more futuristic this time around as well, so we can expect to see a bunch of perks, skills and killstreaks that would never have made it into a modern warfare title.

Although Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has been in development for three years, the trailer looks, feels and sounds all too much like Titanfall, but I’m happy to see Call of Duty going in a new direction.

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