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Best PUBG Grip

Have you ever wondered what the best PUBG Grip is? With patch #12 PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS added weapon grips to the mix. A youtuber who goes by the name of Wacky Jacky decided to test out all of these grips and see which PUBG grip really is the best. Wacky Jacky’s video, with all of his extensive testing information, can be found below.

best pubg grip

The grips tested by Wacky Jacky were the thumb grip, vertical grip, angled grip, half grip, and lightweight grip.

best pubg grip

By Wacky Jacky 101

As you can see in the image above made by Wacky Jacky, it appears that the best PUBG grip is the angled grip or the half grip. The vertical grip is thought to be the best PUBG grip for tap firing because its maximum reticle position is lower than the resting point. It is pretty accurate as well.

best pubg grip

The lightweight grip was by far the worst grip of the bunch. The resting points of the lightweight grip were all over the place, making single fire practically impossible. The half grip is thought to be a better grip for more seasoned PUBG players because of how accurate it is from the resting position.

Hopefully this gives players a better understanding of which grip might suit their play style the best. As always, more buffs, nerfs, and changes are always expected with this game. Which do you think is the best PUBG grip?