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How to Become a Super Saiyan in Dragonball Xenoverse

Any of you Dragonball fans out there who grabbed the latest game are probably dying to find out how to become a Super Saiyan in Xenoverse. In this quick guide we’ll show you a couple of ways to get that gold hair in no time!

xenoverse super saiyan goku

Once you complete the main story quests for the Freeza Saga you will unlock a Parallel quest called “Legendary Super Saiyan”. We recommend doing this quest online with other players because there’s usually a large amount of people trying to farm the quest for the Super Saiyan drop, some of whom might be high level players, which will help out immensely at the end of this quest.

The quest consists of you and two other players fighting five opponents with Freeza as an NPC in his first form. First you fight Gohan and Piccolo, when one of these two are knocked out you’ll get an alert and Vegeta will join the battle. After you defeat Vegeta and the remaining first wave opponent, another alert will appear and Krillin and Goku will appear.

In this part of the quest you must kill Krillin first. After Krillin is knocked out this is the point in the quest where Goku has a chance of transforming into a Super Saiyan. This seems to be completely random as he will only transform sometimes, but he must transform and be defeated in order for the player to get the Xenoverse Super Saiyan ability drop.

It’s important to note that when Goku is in his Super Saiyan form his super kamehameha special attack is very powerful. Unfortunately for us, Lord Freeza in his first form has a knack for standing right in front of the attack anytime it’s used in the battle and if he dies at any point in the quest you will fail, so we recommend defeating Super Saiyan Goku as quickly as possible to avoid this.

Once Super Saiyan Goku is defeated, you will now have a chance to get the Super Saiyan ability as an item drop on the score screen. You may not get it on your first try but it usually doesn’t take very many attempts to get it and playing with high level friends can help speed up this process a ton.

xenoverse super saiyan user

Alternately, if this sounds like too much trouble for you, the Super Saiyan ability will become available in the skill shop after completion of the Android Saga for 50000 Zeni.

Once you obtain the Super Saiyan ability through one of the methods above, all you need to do now is equip it in one of your ultimate attack slots. When using the Super Saiyan ability in Xenoverse you drain Ki quickly but you have the ability to use all Ki based attacks for the duration of the transformation. You can also prolong the Super Saiyan transformation by using some type of energy recharge move as well. Good luck as a Xenoverse Super Saiyan!

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