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Battlefield 1 Has Launched With Server Issues

One of the most anticipated games of the year has finally been released; the game was released worldwide on October 21st and it looks like there are already issues with the servers.

battlefield 1 server issues

Reports suggest that the multiplayer mode for the new game has been taken down by a series of DDoS attacks against the provider of the DNS servers. Comments from players have revealed that this attack extends across all Battlefield 1 platforms, including PC. There are even some claims from players that other games are being affected by the server issues and that it’s not even possible to launch Battlefield 1.

There are still reports stating that the servers are still having problems but most players seem to be able to access the game just fine now. While the multiplayer servers are still having some issues, the single player campaign seems to be fine.

Players are now able to fight through the five different War Stories that form the campaign mode. Each story puts the player in a different role during World War 1 with a range of weapons and combat roles to explore. It was suspected by fans that EA and DICE would look to include the classic carrier pigeons of the era and the release of the game has confirmed this. The campaign features plenty of diversity and should be entertaining enough for players to explore even without touching the multiplayer.

battlefield 1 server issues

Those who have been able to get into the multiplayer servers have been very positive in their statements about their experience with the game. The multiplayer for Battlefield 1 certainly seems to be strong so far and more players should be able to access this portion of the game very soon.

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