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Akiba’s Trip Comming to PS4

Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed was a bizarre little Japanese PS3 and PS Vita title that involved ripping the clothes off of your undead enemies to finish them off. In other words, it still shocks me that this game ever managed to get an official English translation. Regardless, Akiba’s Strip managed to gather a devoted overseas audience almost immediately after its late 2014 release, and became an instant cult classic due to its fast-paced combat and deliciously campy nature.

It seems we’re not quite done stripping attractive vampires in the streets of Akihabara, however, as an upgraded PS4 port has just been announced.

The new and improved Akiba’s Trip is set for Western release on Nov. 25, and will feature new content such as more dialogue, more characters, more customization options, and a new chat command system, as well as enhanced graphics and a bundle of downloadable content from the original release, all under a $50 price tag. I’d say that’s more than worth it for the novelty of owning what is basically a vampire-stripping simulator. I’ve certainly spent more on sillier games.

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