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Nosulus Rift: Ubisoft Has Developed a New Immersive Device In True South Park Fashion

Ubisoft has just announced their latest technological project to the world, the Nosulus Rift, which could almost be called a Virtual Reality parody device and it certainly fits the only game it works with. The Nosulus Rift will work exclusively […]


The Division gets an Open Beta test this weekend

Ubisoft is opening the doors to Tom Clancy’s The Division this weekend with an open beta for all platforms the game will be released on. The beta is very small but for the three days the doors are open, anyone […]


Meh-sassin’s Creed: Why It’s Time for the Assassins to Call It A Franchise

In 2007 Ubisoft introduced the gaming world to Altaïr Ibn-Al’Lahad and his Brotherhood of Levantine Assassins in Assassin’s Creed. While this first title in the Assassin’s Creed franchise was flawed, it presented gamers with an opportunity they perhaps didn’t even […]