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Rocket League Review

Sometimes games don’t need to be overly complicated in order to be fun. All they need is a simple mechanic and they’re good to go. Rocket League is a game that stands around those lines, although it does manage to […]


Stronghold: Crusader 2 Review

The medieval times are probably some of the most beloved periods in the human history. It’s when castles, siege equipment as well as numerous other technological advancements were made. The Stronghold series is one of the few games that bring […]


Shadow of Mordor Review: Middle-Earth Done Right

The Lord of the Rings series is by far one of the most popular fantasy novels out there and it has even spawned quite a lot of movies as well. However, most of the games with the action placed in […]


Risen 3: Titan Lords PC Review

Intro Piranha Bytes are some of the only developers that have stuck to creating the same type of game for more than 14 years now, and they have always pushed the boundaries with their Gothic series. After a few problems with […]