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World of Warcraft – The Glory of the Grind

Grinding, or in non- gamer speak (let it be known that I am nothing if not a writer for the layman), engaging in monotonous and repetitive menial tasks for payoff down the road, is a gameplay mechanic that has been […]


Loyalty Program Announced for the Elder Scrolls Online

ZeniMax Online has just announced a brand new loyalty program for the Elder Scrolls Online that rewards players for continuous subscription within the game. Since the game launched, Elder Scrolls Online required players to pay a monthly fee to be […]


Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition Offering Cross-Platform Save Transfers

It’s been known for a while now that Ultimate Evil Edition, the new gen version of Diablo 3, will offer players the ability to transfer their saves from their old gen consoles onto the new version of the game. However, […]


SOE Releases First H1Z1 Gameplay Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has released the first game trailer for their upcoming post apocalyptic zombie shooter MMO, H1Z1. H1Z1 was announced earlier this month and SOE has indicated that an early build of the game will be available on Steam early access in “the upcoming weeks”. Sony has said the MMO […]


More Elder Scrolls Online HD Videos And Screen Shots!

So far so good with the Elder Scrolls Online beta. We’ve only encountered a few game breaking bugs thus far, the main one being stuck with no dialogue options while talking to NPCs.  Thankfully this issue along with the majority […]


Elder Scrolls Online Beta Weekend Starting February 28th

It’s been announced there will be another Elder Scrolls Online beta weekend starting the 28th. If you have accessed the beta before your account should still have beta access. This beta weekend comes after thousands of changes were made in […]


February 25th Rust Update: The Moon Is Here!

 Well here it is. No longer do we have just a glowing orb in the night sky, we now have a real moon to shine upon us as we are slaughtered by bandits with contrast boosted monitors. Luna isn’t the […]


New Rust Update Offers Minimal Changes

The latest update for Rust seems to offer minimal content changes. These include the addition of a FOD indicator when using explosive charges, the addition of whitelisted servers, as well as fixing a bug that would kill players who were […]