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Battlefield 1 Has Launched With Server Issues

One of the most anticipated games of the year has finally been released; the game was released worldwide on October 21st and it looks like there are already issues with the servers. Reports suggest that the multiplayer mode for the […]


An Open Letter to BioWare: Bigger Can Be Better, But Don’t Forget Your Roots

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the season’s most hyped games and with good reason. Revealed earlier this year, Inquisition looks to be the biggest entry yet in the Dragon Age series. With a new emphasis placed on sheer size, […]


Shadow Realms, New Action RPG Announced by BioWare

Over the last few weeks, BioWare have been leading up to some kind of new reveal with short teasers and other promotional material, and this week, the development studio has finally revealed all at Gamescom 2014. BioWare has announced a […]


The Sims – A Destiny Simulator

Since the release of the first Sims game in February of 2000, EA Maxis’ life simulating franchise has sold over 175 million copies worldwide. In school I was taught never to assume, but I believe it would be a safe […]