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Destiny DLC Leaks, Bungie Addresses the Problem

After a glitch was found in Destiny, players have stumbled across areas of locked content currently unavailable via a legitimate playthrough. This new content includes new strikes, raids and story missions spread out across the different planets within the game. […]


Gamers and DLC: A Story of Love and Abuse

Video games have come a long way in the way they’re developed. In the long long ago, video games were developed as passion projects on shoestring budgets in the developer’s garage by a small group of people who worked together […]


The Sims – A Destiny Simulator

Since the release of the first Sims game in February of 2000, EA Maxis’ life simulating franchise has sold over 175 million copies worldwide. In school I was taught never to assume, but I believe it would be a safe […]


Free Payday 2 DLC From Overkill, Just join Steam Group!

Free Payday 2 content in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the Payday franchise! Overkill Software has kicked off a cool little promo CRIMEFEST to see how many members they can get in the official Payday 2 group page over on Steam. Overkill’s […]


Battlefield 4’s Dragons Teeth DLC Now Available For Premium Members

Dice has launched the latest add on for Battlefield 4 today with the Dragons Teeth DLC. This map pack takes players back to the Chinese mainland with 4 new smaller infantry focused maps. Lumphini Garden Pearl Market Propaganda Sunken Dragon Dragon’s […]