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Microsoft Xbox One Holiday Bundle Offers Big Incentives for Early Shoppers

No doubt due in no small part to Destiny’s newly released and well received The Taken King expansion, Madden 16’s glowing reviews, or most importantly the fresh off the presses Halo 5, Microsoft is getting an early leg up on […]


Destiny Weapon Balances Deployed in New Patch

Bungie has been very open with the community recently and have been trying their hardest to work around any major problems with their latest release, Destiny, and it obviously has been paying off. Currently, Destiny is averaging around 3.2 million […]


Destiny DLC Leaks, Bungie Addresses the Problem

After a glitch was found in Destiny, players have stumbled across areas of locked content currently unavailable via a legitimate playthrough. This new content includes new strikes, raids and story missions spread out across the different planets within the game. […]


The Destiny Servers Went Down – Did You Notice?

A few days ago, Bungie came across a problem with their servers, and as a result, the Destiny servers went down across both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Whilst the short server problems caused an inconvenience for a lot of players […]


Why Destiny Can’t Possibly Live up To the Hype and Why That’s Okay

I have never seen a game with as much Hype behind it as Destiny. The amount of marketing for this game is absolutely ludicrous. You can’t travel from one web page to another without seemingly running into an ad for […]


Microsoft’s Funny Destiny Ad Makes Fun of Their Limited License for the Game

If you didn’t know already, Sony have had a firm grasp over Destiny ever since it was first pitched to the public, and since then Microsoft have had to stand by whilst watching their favorite game studio, which they quite […]


Early Destiny Copies Hint at Massive 40GB Download Size

If you’re getting excited about the release of Destiny later this month but are limited for space on either your Xbox One or your PlayStation 4, you may want to look into clearing up some space. According to an imgur […]