Stranded Deep: Hope for the Future of Steam Early Access

stranded deep

Stranded Deep: Hope for the Future of Steam Early Access

Steam Early Access has gained a bit of a bad reputation here lately. With small studios popping up left and right, there’s been a surge of titles added to the marketplace, the majority of which probably won’t ever be seen to full completion. Fortunately, there are a few diamonds in the rough that still give us a bit of hope (see Kerbal Space Program). One title that recently caught my eye among the sea of all too popular early access survival games is Stranded Deep developed by Beam Team Games.

stranded deep wollie

Who the hell is Wollie?

Stranded Deep places you in the shoes of the lone survivor of a private jet crash equipped with a life raft, knife, lighter and not much else. The game starts out just offshore from one of many randomly generated islands somewhere in the Pacific ocean. From there you will need to gather resources, craft tools, and build a shelter all in order to, well, survive. With dynamic weather, ship and plane wrecks, and a multitude of different biomes to explore, Stranded Deep already has fair bit of content for players to take in. This of course, is an awesome change of pace for those of us tired of running around some lonely Russian map with zombies who posses wall hacking power that rivals that of a 12 year old on Counter-Strike.

Even without today’s seemingly mandatory addition of “Survival Zombies” Stranded Deep’s ever increasing wildlife roster is nothing short of awesome. From curious tiger sharks that come up and bump your raft, to careless sea turtles drifting about, there’s no shortage of wildlife to examine and more often than not, kill. One of my favorite things to do in the game is hunt sharks until my inventory is brimming with more cooked shark steaks than I know what to with. Unfortunately for me, this doesn’t always work out and I’ve occasionally found myself lifeless at the bottom of the abyss destined to become no more than crab food.

stranded deep shark

mmm….. shark steak

Admittedly, even with all the islands to explore, after a few hours most players will probably have seen the full scope of what the game currently has to offer. The important take away is that this game makes an attempt to do early access survival differently and this in itself is a breath of fresh air. So far Beam Team has delivered with meaningful, consistent content updates and accompanying hot fixes to address any issues. So for all you survival fans and any of you gamers that have a soft spot for the movie Cast Away, Stranded Deep is a must play and already well worth the $15 price tag. Check out some of our gameplay footage below!

Part One:

Part Two:

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