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Tale of the Guardians

In what may not be a surprising but still very exciting bit of (leaked, and so far, unconfirmed) news Telltale games has announced that it will be developing a game focusing on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. For those who […]


Wii Hardly Knew U

When Nintendo released their console, the Wii, in 2006, it flew off the shelves. Never before had a gaming company become so accessible to so many people for such an affordable price. While titles like Wii Sports and Mario Kart […]


Battlefield 1 Has Launched With Server Issues

One of the most anticipated games of the year has finally been released; the game was released worldwide on October 21st and it looks like there are already issues with the servers. Reports suggest that the multiplayer mode for the […]


Red Dead Redemption 2 Seemingly On the Horizon

One could argue that Rockstar is the most influential gaming company today. Rockstar was the studio behind the most revolutionary game released at least in the last 20 years, maybe even, of all time. Grand Theft Auto III literally changed […]


Everything You Need to Know About Mafia III

The next chapter in the Mafia series is almost here and players will be able to jump into the new story later this week on October 7th. Developer Hangar 13 has revealed quite a bit of information about the game […]


Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Necessity of Evolution

Much is being made of the upcoming Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and with good reason. They’re the official continuation of the Pokemon franchise, following 2013’s Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon games have stood the test of time by […]


Nosulus Rift: Ubisoft Has Developed a New Immersive Device In True South Park Fashion

Ubisoft has just announced their latest technological project to the world, the Nosulus Rift, which could almost be called a Virtual Reality parody device and it certainly fits the only game it works with. The Nosulus Rift will work exclusively […]


No Man’s Sky Game-Breaking Glitch Caused by Pre-Order Ship

A very strange glitch is currently affecting users who have pre-ordered No Man’s Sky and obtained the bonus ship. Players who pre-ordered the game also received a slightly better starting ship with an extra inventory slot and a built-in hyperdrive. […]


Big Fallout news from E3

During the Bethesda E3 conference, the company announced the final three pieces of DLC for Fallout 4 and even revealed that the next DLC will be released next week. Contraptions Workshop is the fourth add-on for the game and will […]


Hitman 2016 set to be episodic

It has been confirmed by Square Enix that there will be a total of seven episodes which will be released throughout 2016. At the time of release, its will be possible to buy two editions of the game; the “Intro […]