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Tales From the Borderlands Will Be the Best Borderlands Game Yet

The Borderlands series is an immensely popular franchise featuring stellar combat, unprecedented levels of customization, interstellar and exciting locales to explore, an intense and heart-racing multiplayer experience, a truly remarkable villain in Handsome Jack, and some of the most genuinely […]


An Open Letter to BioWare: Bigger Can Be Better, But Don’t Forget Your Roots

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the season’s most hyped games and with good reason. Revealed earlier this year, Inquisition looks to be the biggest entry yet in the Dragon Age series. With a new emphasis placed on sheer size, […]


Sunset Overdrive – I’m Sexy and I Know It

“What this place needs is a hero. One that doesn’t just arrive, but does it with style.” This line from Sunset Overdrive’s E3 must have been first and foremost in Insomniac’s mind from the very beginning of the development process. […]


Why Shadow of Mordor Needs to Impress

When Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was first released with The Fellowship of the Ring, the public was presented with a world that it had never quite taken hold of. Prior to Jackson’s films, Middle […]


Why Destiny Can’t Possibly Live up To the Hype and Why That’s Okay

I have never seen a game with as much Hype behind it as Destiny. The amount of marketing for this game is absolutely ludicrous. You can’t travel from one web page to another without seemingly running into an ad for […]


Gamers and DLC: A Story of Love and Abuse

Video games have come a long way in the way they’re developed. In the long long ago, video games were developed as passion projects on shoestring budgets in the developer’s garage by a small group of people who worked together […]


A Logistical Battle: Master Race vs. Peasants

As I have written before here, I would like to think of myself as a not-quite-as-of-yet member of the PC Master Race. A Master Racer, if you will. I have the will and ambition to become a full member of […]


Super Smashing Good Times: Super Smash Bros. and Its Infinite Appeal

Around the turn of the previous century, I, as a nine year old, had a choice to make: which new gaming console should I ask for as a Christmas gift? There was the sleek and exciting Playstation 2, the mysterious […]


The Battle of Telltale’s Best: Why The Wolf Among Us Is Better Than The Walking Dead

Let me preface this piece by saying this: The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead are BOTH wonderful games. I’ve played both, and they’re enthralling and captivating each in their own ways. The Wolf Among Us gives players a […]


Why The Last of Us Remastered Is Bad for Gamers

The Last of Us was released last year to universal acclaim from both consumer and critic alike. Garnering a 95 score on and a perfect 10 from IGN, the game was received as a revelation, and was considered to […]